I delivered an interactive workshop recently to a room full of engineers who had a really difficult time with my chosen topic: being uncomfortable.

In this post-recession era, uncertainty has become our new normal. Peek behind the curtain of any business and you'll find that leaders are grappling with all the same things they don't have enough of -- time, money, technology, talent, equipment, the list goes on. Whether the business is small, huge or somewhere in between, the struggle is real.


Alexa: What are multi-modal experiences? Learn what & create one w/ WillowTree

 WillowTree WillowTree, Inc®
 324 Blackwell Street, Durham, NC 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017, 6:00 PM

Join other innovators live to learn insights, practitioner tips and meet others in this curious community. For more details and to RSVP, click here.
The Weekly Zing are quick, fun innovation exercises that 48 Innovate participants explore back at the office.
The Swear Jar

Remember the old swear jars, you know when you had to pay if you said a bad word?

What common business terms would you like to fine? Maybe leverage, synergy, collaboration, cross-functional…

Now you think of a few more and try to avoid them. Come up with an alternative and see if it catches on.

Bring your version of the swear jar to your next meeting, and a list of those banned words. Call out a team member for using one of these tired words and charge him/her a dollar. You can always give the money to charity or treat them all to a vending machine treat.

 Share your banned words with @48Innovate use #swearjar #businesbingo

"I always described her as brilliant, but after reading this book, I consider myself a smarter person just by knowing her. The ideas she puts forth in this book are so spot on. She doesn't coddle, cuddle or talk generic about how to revolutionize business, her no-jive, no bullshit, witty writing is just like talking to her in person. I bought 15 copies of this book for my corporate clients. If you are ready for REAL innovation and to be a Leadovator at your company, check this out and get it on like donkey kong." 

Marcey Rader, Health Expert And Speaker

Panels & Pilsners
June 1, 2017
Durham, NC

Face to Face: Winning Minds with Workshops
In-person collaboration with stakeholder groups can be both intimidating and rewarding: managing multiple opinions, facilitating group decision-making, maintaining successful communication and engagement throughout, and keeping end-users at the center. Hear from our panel as they share advice on workshopping and real stories of its impact in their work.

Featured Panelist
Anna Adlard, Co-founder, Workshop
Eric Morrow, Design Facilitator, IBM
Melissa Kennedy, Managing Partner, 48Innovate Click here >>

Triangle Sales Think Tank

June 22, 2017
Raleigh, NC

How "business as usual" is crushing your close? Activate your Hidden Genius!

Three things you are guaranteed at any TSTT Meetup are:

• Guaranteed quality time to network before and after a professional speaker

• Quality contacts from other business and sales professionals

• Actionable advice you can implement immediately

IMPT: Meetup attendance is free, and all that we ask is that you patronize our venue when you attend. Red Hot & Blue has generously donated their space, and simply requests that all of our guests order food while they are there. Plan to arrive hungry and eat dinner with us! Click here >>

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