Here's an ugly exchange I overheard between two well-dressed office workers who were waiting on their lunch orders at my favorite fast-casual spot:

        Dude #1: "He just doesn't get what we are dealing with. He's locked in his office, yapping on the phone and doing God knows what while we're getting rolled under the bus for every single thing that goes wrong.

        Dude #2: "Yeah, while he gets all the credit for the stuff that goes right. I'm so sick of it. He's the worst boss I've ever had."

This isn't a post about how managers are awesome and we should love them more.

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The first time I heard the term digital detox, I had the same reaction that you probably did. I rolled my eyes dismissively, thinking it was silly and somewhat insulting to equate internet dependence with something as serious as addiction.  

"They aren't talking about me," I thought as I tried to hold my fork and my phone in the same hand so I could eat lunch while reading emails. Then one morning, I dropped my precious phone in the toilet while trying to apply makeup. I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and said, "Yeah girl, I think they are talking about you."  

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The Bridges is Out!!!

Not really, but alternate thinking builds your creative brain. Think of 2 alternative routes to take on your way home today. 

Don’t use any mapping technology...just think freestyle and try it on your way home from work.

Share your insights with @48Innovate use  #bridgeisout.

Her boundless energy and creativity was invaluable."

Bill Ammerman Tribune Media

The Innovation Revolution, Discover the Genius Hiding in Plain Sight will be available March 7. Get your digital copy for just $.99 on One day only sale.  

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